Swoop was envisioned to create eco-friendly, sustainable, durable and reusable stylish storage solution. Creating efficiency for everyday living in your home, apartment or even a growing space. After researching a range of products and solutions the bamboo glass jars where the most versatile in creating an environmentally friendly stylish solution for all rooms in your home. 



Bamboo is a perennial, meaning - "through the years", being eco-friendly for the environment and sustainable. The BAMBUE series is durable, multifunctional and space efficient. A range of sizes can be washed & re-used for styling different rooms in your home. The BAMBUE series can be used in a range of spaces such as; your home office, your laundry, for pet treats or your own treats. The options are limitless and long lasting. 



The BAMBUE series is great for moving, pop all the jars in a box - and they're ready for your new home when you arrive. Easy to wash and refillable. Options are limitless!

See how we style the BAMBUE series at home
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