Why Swoop?

When & Where?

With a Diploma in Interior Design, Graphic Design and 6 years experience in Real Estate in New Zealand & Hong Kong. I believed it was time to provide organised and stylish spaces that really speak for themselves. 

In 2015 I moved to Hong Kong from New Zealand with two suitcases, my boyfriend & a one way ticket. I moved from a 60m2 (500sq ft + 200sq ft terrace) apartment to a 27m2 (295 square foot) apartment in Hong Kong. The apartment didn't have a cutlery drawer, full size fridge or pantry. We lived in the apartment for 4 years, after adopting three rescue dogs we had finally outgrown our space. We thought it was time to upsize, we moved to Mongkok (previously the most densely populated city on earth) to get more bang for our buck. Now living in a 37m2 (370 sq ft) apartment the five of us (me my husband & three pocket sized rescue dogs) and a lot more then two suitcases. We finally got a cutlery drawer, a full fridge and not much more space. Two days worth of groceries fill up the kitchen cupboards! 

I studied Graphic Design & Interior Design and decided to move into Real Estate, I started my Real Estate career in New Zealand, after great success in a short time my husband and I got relocated to Hong Kong with his work. I decided if we where going to make it work in the big city we both have to have our careers. After a lot of study I became a Real Estate Agent in Hong Kong. After a few years I managed my own small team then.

As a Real Estate Agent in Hong Kong I continuously viewed apartments that were messy, unstaged, in 'as is' condition overcrowded & stacked to the ceiling with personal belongings. Apartment life can get quite cluttered. I would come home everyday wondering how I can create an eco-friendly, de-cluttered, organised & stylish home for families & expats who live in spaces that can be optimised. I was becoming more aware of how plastic is a large feature in homes, it is not healthy, good for the environment or economical.


Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, grocery packages like cereal, oats, flour bags fill up the limited cupboard space. It makes a big difference in a small cupboard. I decided to have a look at eco-friendly, sustainable, durable & reusable stylish storage solutions that weren't made of plastic and can be used in all spaces.

The bamboo glass jars provide a stylish eco-friendly solution for all pantry & dry home products; spices, snacks, pasta, oats, dog treats, gravy, tea bags & home supplies all nicely packed into glass containers optimising and styling your home space. 


Not everyone lives in an apartment - Your family might be growing, your pantry might feel like it's shrinking, you might be looking for an eco-friendly storage solution, you might be working from home more, more people in the house daily & you feel like your space is full of plastic, cluttered and overwhelming, check out our BAMBUE SETS for styling your home.


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