GLASS JAR FAQs (not including lid)

Q  Can I put the glass jar in the microwave?
A  The glass jar alone is microwaveable safe.

Q  Is the jar dishwasher safe?
A  The glass jar is dishwasher safe.

Q  How else can I wash my glass jar?
A  You can hand wash the glass jar.

Q  Is the jar easy to dry?
A  Borosilicate glass is durable and easy to wipe dry with a tea towel or cloth.

Q  What type of glass is the jar made out of?
Borosilicate glass is  BPA-free & more resistant to thermal shock than any other      common glass.




Suction lid for freshness. 


Q  How do I wash my bamboo lid?
A Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Q  Can I put the bamboo lid in the dishwasher?
A  The bamboo lid is not dishwasher safe.

Q  Can I put my bamboo lid in the microwave?
A  The bamboo is not microwave safe.

Q  Can I soak the bamboo lid?
A  Do not soak the bamboo lid, wipe down with a damp cloth to clean.

Q  Can I store wet food in the glass jar?
A Do not store wet food in the glass jar with the bamboo lid.

Q  Why bamboo?
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on this planet. Once harvested, bamboo can replenish itself within a year.






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